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  • FR Fabric Made for Your Industry

    The most cotton-rich FR fabric choices in the business


Electric Utilities

In the electric utility industry, workers face the threat of accidental arc flashes every day. Choosing the proper FR fabric and protective apparel can protect workers from catastrophic injuries.

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Oil & Gas

The risk of flash fire is ever-present for workers in the oil and gas industry. While it’s impossible to eliminate that risk, choosing the proper FR fabric can minimize injuries and save lives.

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Welding works on gas pipeline

Natural Gas Utilities

Flash fires pose a serious risk for utility workers in the natural gas industry. Ensure the flame resistant fabric you specify provides the appropriate protection for your workers.

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Industrial Electric

Electrical professionals are exposed to the danger of arc flashes on the job. Finding the right flame resistant fabric that complies with industry standards is critical.

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Molten metal hazards pose a serious risk for workers in the metal industry. Choosing the appropriate FR fabric offers much needed protection.

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Transportation & Distribution

Workers in the transportation & distribution industry are exposed to thermal hazards every day. Finding the right flame resistant fabric for every job is important.

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Uniform & Workwear

No matter what hazards your employees face, it’s important to provide your team with comfortable FR fabric that protects and enhances the appearance of your company.

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