If you are looking for FR fabrics for utility masks or bandanas, or are interested in fabrics for non-medical masks,
please call (706) 734-4815 or email MVMFR@mvmills.com.

FR durability has a number.

Mount Vernon FR’s innovative, patented FR fabric technology has been incorporated into our entire range of protective fabrics to enhance the properties that are most important to wearers. The technology increases both the comfort and durability of Mount Vernon FR fabrics, without any tradeoffs.

Patented process provides more uniform protection of the fibers by improving distribution of the FR polymer throughout the fabric.
Technology creates flame resistant fabrics with enhanced hand and surface softness, resulting in more comfortable garments for any and all applications.
Durability of the fabrics’ flame resistant properties benefits from increased uniformity and penetration of the FR polymer, providing protection that is guaranteed for the life of the garment.

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